Tilley TTW2 Lightweight Winter Hat


Tilley TTW2 Lightweight Winter Hat

Tilley TTW2 Lightweight Winter Hat

We Say: This lightweight winter hat from Tilley is styled with a medium size brim, has c_change fabric technology and tuckaway earwarmers. c_change membrane is bonded to fabric and reacts to changing temperature, ensuring constant comfort.

  • Guaranteed for life not to wear out

  • Insured against loss

  • Excellent sun protection UPF60+

  • c_change technology for temperature control comfort

  • Unique tuckaway earwarmers

  • Treated for rain and snow repellency

  • Crushable and packable

  • Secret pocket

  • Dry cleanable

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Like footwear, your Tilley Hat must be sized properly. To find your hat size, use a tape measure and draw it right around your head, just above eyebrows. Measure in inches or centimetres and check against corresponding hat size on chart below. ( NB if already know your hat size, you will be one size larger in Tilley.)
Tilley Hat fits more comfortably than other hats. It's designed to be worn low on your head and slightly loose. It should be held on by gravity, not by painful pressure on your forehead! For proper fit, you should be able to easily insert two fingers, flat, between middle of your forehead and front of Hat. Hat should be loose enough that you can rotate it to left and right, and lift it up and down, without friction on your forehead. When it's windy, use cord!





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